Final words

Hello everyone!

I am sad to tell you that this will be my last post. The semester is almost over so my MMJ project as well. Surprisingly for me it was fun to have a blog and to share both mine and others views of the world and of art. My mission was to see what art means to people nowadays and the ways they accept it. In order to see how well I managed to answer my question, lets check out theirs:

19089_4952309998879_1850744802_nThe first person I interviewed was Svetlin Ivanov. He is a beatboxer and a singer.

“Art is life”

He started doing beatboxing when he was still a kid and because he said to himself:

“If somebody else can do it, then I can do it as well!”

10494612_10205255955298238_6010112268198129915_nThe second person that I wanted to share with you was Alexandros Pefanis. He is a guy that has a tattoo with a special meaning. He dislikes people that use tattoos just to decorate their bodies without any meaning in them. He considers tattooing as an ancient art.

“Art for me is whatever seams beautiful in my eyes in my opinion. Let’s say art could be a tree, could be the sea, and art could be a girl that is very beautiful and also art could be a very nice made tattoo”

Time to relax...
Time to relax…

Next comes Stoyan Mavrodiev – the tattoo artist with no tattoos. For him tattooing is not only a job but also a vocation. It is something that he is good at and something that he does the best way he could.

“Tattoos are art. There is no other word. When I am drawing something with thoughts and feelings I and I leave it there, then I don’t think I can call it fishing or building a house!”

But at the question why doesn’t he have tattoos, he simply answers:

“I am still not crazy enough!”

10475509_10204106103440568_7629693922663105574_nVicky is another person that I found really interesting. Her life has always been connected to art in every form of it. She is also a beautiful singer.

“Art is love, art is passion, art is everything!”

28694_117084954981802_1629541_nGabriela Goergieva is a bit different that the other people that I interviewed. She is a 24 year old graduate from South West University. But the thing she loves to do most is to dance. She has dedicated almost her whole life in dancing. It has been a really hard journey but she regrets nothing.

“Dancing is the best of all arts. And art for me is  beauty, elegance, glamour, something that is everywhere around me and something that makes me very happy!”

1069362_10200354614451366_434980099_nAnd the last person I wanted to introduce you to is Miroslav Yotov – a 37 year old artist from Varna, Bulgaria. As I also mentioned in the blog post – I am really proud of this interview since I do not know the guy, I have never met him or talked to him. But he was really happy to help me by sharing his thoughts.

“I draw form 6 to 8 hours a day. Sometimes even more. How many of you could say the same thing for you? How many of you dedicate this much time in something you love to do?”

I hope that it has been interesting for you to read those stories. It surely was for me to write them. I understood that art for people is not just a word. I understood that it is a hobby, a job, a vocation, a way of living. Every different person sees it differently and every different person appreciates it differently.

And what about me? What is art for me? Art is something that I need in my life in order to feel that I am living. Art is my way of showing the world how stupid it is to think of life as something completely serious. Life is ours in order to enjoy it. Find the thing that makes you happy.

Thank you for reading!


And what about me?

Hello dear readers!


2014 is at its end and I know that everybody is into the holidays! Our semester is almost over and there are only a bit left so we could also enjoy the beautiful December and everything it has to offer us. 🙂

I decided that this is the time when I am going to introduce you to… me! All these months I have been writing about art but today I would like to share why is it such an important part of my life and how art affected my life.

Since I was a kid I really enjoyed drawing – just like every other kid. But I remember this specific moment of my life – I was around 4 years old and I told my mother that I would like to challenge her to draw the same thing as me and see who does it better.  I told her to draw an egg. I did a circle and I was so proud of it. Then I took a look at her drawing – she did draw an egg but she also drew the table it was on. It sounds really silly but this was the moment when I really understood how art is different to every person and how one thing can pe presented in many different ways. Since then I started drawing everything around me. My parents saw how interested I was in drawing and sent me to drawing classes. At some point my week was all about the weekends and the drawing lessons.

I had my first and only exhibition when I was 3rd grade. And that was the first time I was really proud of myself. As I grew up I knew that I wanted to be an artist. But then when I had to choose a high school to go to, my parents told me that it is time for me to take life seriously. They forbid me to go to an arts school. I got accepted in 91st German language High School, one of the best high schools in Bulgaria. And I hated it. I was so mad at my parents for stopping my passion and making me study things I was not even interested in. So I stopped drawing. I had 24 hours weekly German so I did not really have time to draw.

But my life never got disconnected to art. I painted my own room, I started spinning poi (the fire things). I became friends with a lot of Bulgarian actors and started to spend my days in galleries or rehearsal rooms of the theaters. Later I started dancing. Since I’m an Armenian born in Bulgaria I decided that I should do something that will preserve my nationality. So I heard of a place where I can dance Armenian Folk Dances. And I did it for 2 years. But then my life changed again. I came to AUBG. Blagoevgrad is quite far from Sofia in a sense that I could not visit the dancing classes anymore.

In a way I never let art get out of my life. I always found a way for it to be an important part of it. I just blame myself in a way for not drawing anymore. I have the stupid apology that I do not have time now. But lets see how things will go from now on.

Thank you for reading! I hoped you enjoyed my story!

Inspiration is everywhere

Hello dear readers!


Today I am going to introduce Miroslav Yotov, a 37 year old artist from Varna, Bulgaria. This interview is a bit more special to me since I do not know him in person, but I really wanted to share his thoughts. So I wrote to him and surprisingly he was really happy to help. It appeared that he is a really kind and open person.

Miroslav started drawing since he was a kid. We all know that all kids draw when they are young, but most of them stop doing it when they grow up. Miroslavs case was not the same. He says that things with him happen kind of naturally. He was never thinking whether he should do it or not. He was just drawing the things he was seeing or thinking.

He finds inspiration everywhere – in every little thing. In a way he judges the people that sit all day long and do nothing with the apology that “they have no insiration.”

“I don’t wait for inspiration to come to me. I don’t search for it. I have it. I draw the things I see or sometimes the ones I dream.”

He sees art as a way of living, a way of expressing himself. A way to love. Of course he is not drawing just for himself. But he likes to consider art more as a vocation rather as a job. Sometimes he is drawing things as an order and he is being payed for that, but this is his way of making profit out of his talent.

“I draw form 6 to 8 hours a day. Sometimes even more. How many of you could say the same thing for you? How many of you dedicate this much time in something you love to do?”

His artworks take a lot of time because he is using only oils. For those of you that are not familiar – this is a type of paint that is based on oils and is the one that takes most time to dry. Miroslav spends a lot of time on every artwork – he puts some layers of paint and waits for them a long time for them to dry and be ready for another layer.

He doesn’t think that art is something that is forgotten today and he never gets demotivated.

“Picasso had sold only 2 of his drawings while he was alive. And look at him now.”

If you would like to see some videos of Miroslav and some more info about him – check out my Thinglink!:


I would like to share with you some of his artworks:

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Something new Vol.2


Hello dear readers!

Have you ever heard of Storify? I have never heard of it until today. It is basically an easy way to create a story by using random people’s opinions on any topic. The whole idea of it is to use people’s posts or tweets or whatever is in social media and to put them together into a story. It is quite useful for researches of peoples opinions or peoples reactions to something that has happened.

If you would like to see my first Storify story that I’ve done on what Art is to people, check it out here!

Another Storify story that I did today is connected to the topic of my last blog post – dancing. Check the whole story here!


The thing I liked most today was working for the first time on Thinglink. Basically it is a way to put tags on pictures, the kind of tags that lead to another website. It’s pretty fun! If you would like to check my first pic out you can do it here!


Dance to Live or Live to Dance

Hello dear readers!

After a short break I’m back and ready to introduce you to a topic that probably is going to take your minds off your busy schedule.

The type of art I am going to present today is something that actually we have all done – dancing! Some of us love to do it, others prefer not to. Dancing is not only a type of expression, but also a training for the body, example of confidence or just type of entertainment. To get closer to the essence of dances I decided to interview a friend of mine that has dedicated her whole life to dances.

28694_117084954981802_1629541_nShe is called Gabriela, a 23 year old girl that recently graduated  from the South West University with Bulgarian Philology. She likes to spend her free time reading books or going out with friends.

Since she was a kid she always loved to dance and that’s why her parents decide to sign her into a choreography school. She spends her 12 years of education in that school and dedicates every single minute to dancing. In her words it was a “unique experience”. She specialized in Bulgarian folk dances and popularizing Bulgarian folklore worldwide.

The thing is that such an experience has not only good sides but also very bad ones.

“At some pint I couldn’t stand it. Especially when I was a teenager. I didn’t want to go in the salon, I didnt want to put on the dancing shoos and dresses. I wanted to be outside. I was sick and tired of all the regulations – about food, when to eat, how much to eat etc. We were allowed to have one small piece of chocolate a month. These are things that are horrible for a small child.”

When something is mandatory, you start to hate it. All of us have faced certain difficulties doing things that we are obligated to. But when it comes to dancing and art – it is a bit sad to start hating something that you love. How do we get over this feeling and continue having passion for the thing we are doing?

“When you get on the stage, when you see that you make the people stand up for you, and after that when they put a golden medal on you – you just feel amazing. The feeling is indescribable.”

Dances, except from a type of art, can also be seen as a sport. And sport is something that doesn’t necessary require talent, but it certainly requires dedication and consistency. It changes you as a person and forms not only the body but also the spirit.

“I grew up in an environment where I was used to be a part of a bigger picture. When I first came to the university I noticed that everybody is fighting for themselves. It was quite weird for me. In my school you have to get used to people, a lot of people – everyone with their own opinion and background, but everyone for the same goal. When you are in a group sometimes you have to forget about yourself.”

The last question that I asked Gabriela was what do dances mean to her. She simply answered:

“Dancing is the best of all arts. And art for me is  beauty, elegance, glamour, something that is everywhere around me and something that makes me very happy!”

So far, so good

Hello everyone!

I’m halfway through my Multimedia Journalism class and there have been so many things that I’ve learned since the beginning. At first I thought that the class would to be really hard with all it’s deadlines and posts, Twitter, Facebook etc. But even with those things it actually became the class I really enjoy working for.

I started Is This Art? because art is one of the things that I am mostly interested in. I wanted to share my point of view of what art actually is today and to introduce the people I find interesting. I wanted to share a different perspective of music, the ways music is accepted today and it’s role.

One of my friends showed me this art and I said – when someone else can do it then I can do it as well.

I also introduced you to a person that makes music and welcomes every kind of art in her life. 

For those of you that are more conservative or just don’t know anything about tattoos – I interviewed two really different people – one of them is a tattoo artist with a unique opinion about his job.

“Tattoos are an addiction just like every other – alcohol, cigarettes and even drugs”

And the other is just a guy that has a tattoo but judges the people that use tattoos only as fashion.

Yes, definitely because if you think about the art of tattooing in the past, like ancient times, people used to have tattoos once they did something great or once they went into adulthood. In the past it used to be like a religion. Now it is just a type of art. It’s bad if we just use it to decorate ourselves without any meaning under it.

For the following weeks I have prepared really interesting topics – things that you probably never considered as art. Things that are all around us but we simply refuse to give them the meaning that they actually carry.

This project was not only entertaining for me but also gave me the opportunity to do things I have never done before. I actually shot and edited my first video ever! And all the things that I am required to do for the course – the interviews, photos, videos – they all teach me how to be a better listener, how to extract the information I really need.

If I have to be frank – I have always been a shy person. But if you have to take interviews and convince people to give them to you – you cannot let yourself to be shy. In a way I overcame it since if I didn’t – I wouldn’t actually have a single interview! 🙂

So I would like to say that during the last weeks I have not only achieved academic knowledge but also personal improvement. I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts so far!

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Not only an entertainment

Hello dear readers!

This post is a bit more valuable than my previous ones. Not only because it is actually my midterm exam in Multimedia Journalism, but also because it presents art not only as a kind of entertainment but also as a source of information and realization.

We are all familiar with the topic of Ebola. After all it is all over the news nowadays. The Ebola epidemic has killed 3,431 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia; it has killed one in the United States. Media, however, always tend to illustrate only what is important TODAY.

The Western media circus has lapped up the Ebola epidemic and paraded it around as its newest act. It’s everywhere you look — stories about “necessary” precautions, tales of children and even police cars under quarantine, fear that the disease has spread to other parts of the country. And it all has one singular focus: America and the West.

However André Carrilho, an illustrator and cartoonist working for New York Times, the New YorkerVanity Fair and New York magazine, chose to show the actual situation with a painting.


“People tend to respond more to illustrations that have a point of view on issues that relate to their lives and their opinions”

says André Carrilho.

“How many individual stories do we know about any African patients? None. They are treated as an indistinguishable crowd.”

Amazed by how a painting could have such a powerful effect, I decided to see the reaction of random people. Everybody I asked was familiar with the topic of Ebola, but just a few of them actually knew anything else except the information that we all get from the news – that Ebola is coming to us.

“We first heard about Ebola a month ago when everybody started talking about it on the TV. I also know that recently there have been couple of cases of European people infected with the decease. Actually the first time I ever heard of Ebola was when those European people were infected.”

– says a  girl, working in a gallery in Blagoevgrad.

After getting some information about what people know about the decease, I decided to see the reaction of people when I show them the painting from André Carrilho. The reactions were almost all the same – shock. The women from the gallery said that it is a type of racism.

Hristina on the other hand, another girl I interviewed, did not get the actual meaning of the pic at first.

“The picture represents Ebola and it looks deadly, like there is no escape from it.”

After telling her what the picture really represents she took a deeper look and she was shocked.

“What? I thought that they were curing him! Oh my God! This is disgusting!”

After everything I heard I understood that not only for me, but also for everybody else, art is not just an entertainment. It actually influences people and carries deeper meaning.


“Art is love”

Hello dear readers!

Today I will introduce a really close friend of mine – Victoria Dashova. She is a 23 years old girl from Dupnitsa – a small city in Bulgaria. She graduated last year here in Blagoevgrad and that’s exactly where I met her for the first time. Our friendship became really strong very fast since Victoria is that kind of a person that everyone would love to have as a friend.

Victoria’s life has always been connected to art. But the difference between her and all the other people loving art is that she is actually doing art – she is an extraordinary talented singer. She is singing whenever she has the chance to and she has been doing it all her life.

“Singing is something that makes me happy. It’s something I really want to do. Music means everything to me!” 

For those of you that like to go to Piano Bar Limited – there is a huge chance that you have actually heard Vicky sing because when she was still living in Blagoevgrad, she did’t miss a chance to go there and just sing a song.

When I decided that I wanted to write about Vicky, I was ready to go to Dupnitsa in order to meet her there. And then suddenly a friend of mine, a tattoo artist (the one I wrote about few weeks ago), told me that she was actually going to come to Blagoevgrad in order to make another tattoo. And this was the perfect coincidence for me. A perfect example of how somebody adores every aspect of art.

“Art is love, art is passion, art is everything!”

Her new tattoo has a story behind and the whole realization of it is quite emotional so I wanted to share it with you in my 5 shot video. And I also find it appropriate to let you hear Vicky sing – she is the one singing in the video. And If you want to hear the whole song, you can do it here.

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Hello dear readers!

The first things I did this morning were to get up, make some coffee, get my cigarettes and play some music. And while I was listening I started wondering why is music one of the things I find most important in the morning. Simply because it improves my mood! And here came the idea for my new post – what is music to us and how does it influence people?

We all have those couple of songs that we love and we play all the time. We find ourselves in music. We use it to share emotions, feelings and thoughts. I made a research among my friends in order to find out what exactly is music and I was quite astonished by some of the answers.

“Music is what feelings sound like!”

It is really nice that music is the thing we connect to emotions and feelings. But not all of the songs are like that. After all music is an industry and industries’ purpose among all is to make money. Recently in Bulgaria there was a case that a song was going to be forbidden to broadcast because it doesn’t really have anything to do with values. This case made many people argue whether music is the thing that has to educate and carry values.

“The idea that music is here to educate us, to bring us something important and valuable is fantastic! But in our generation this is not the case. We live in a world from which we try to take as much as possible.”

People nowadays need distractions, they need entertainment. And the less thoughts we use for an entertainment, the better we like it. Maybe before music actually was a source of education and tradition, but today it is simply a type of expression.
But it doesn’t make it less enjoyable for me every morning! 🙂


P.S. Thanks to Georgy for taking part in my 5 shot video and apologies for making him wake up that early in order to make the video authentic!

Something new

Hey everyone!

This post is not really connected to my blog, but I wanted to share something. Today I did my first 5 shot video! We were separated into groups and we had to find something to shoot. The only condition was for it not to be made up. I think that we did a pretty good job. I hope you like it and don’t judge it a lot since it is my first try. 🙂

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